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“Delightful wordplay, laugh-out-loud questions, and interesting information combine perfectly with expressive, comical, and accurate illustrations….”–Booklist

“Playful questions and factual answers…the jokes are clever…wordplay that is entertaining.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A charming science read-aloud…ideal for storytime.”―School Library Journal

Do starfish sign autographs? Do seahorses wear saddles? Do lampreys get plugged in? Get silly with sea creatures in Do Jellyfish Like Peanut Butter?, the underwater follow-up to the award-winning insect book, Do Doodlebugs Doodle? This laugh-out-loud look at marine life will have kids eager to learn more about what lies beneath the ocean waves!

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Do bed bugs wear pajamas? Do dragonflies breathe fire? Do stink bugs take baths?

Silly questions, the kind kids often ask, are followed by informative answers sure to make every reader eager to learn more about insects. Find out in Do Doodlebugs Doodle?, which will have kids laughing out loud as they explore the fun and fascinating world of insects!

“Witty and clever,  this charming sequel to Do Fiddler Crabs Fiddle? takes on a whole lot of bugs and has a ball with them. Mother/daughter team Corinne Demas and Artemis Roehrig have made a bug lover of this previously lukewarm entomologist who up until now preferred her winged creatures to be able to sing songs. The charm continues with Ellen Shi’s delicious illustrations.” — Jane Yolen (author of Owl Moon, You Nest Here With Me with her daughter, Heidi E. Y. Stemple, and the upcoming Fly with Me: A National Geographic Book of Birds with her daughter and two sons, Adam and Jason Stemple.)

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Does A Fiddler Crab Fiddle? No! But fiddler crabs sure do some amazing things!

Starting with silly questions like the title, and moving on through increasingly-unlikely questions such as “do fiddler crabs ride a skateboard?” and “do fiddler crabs eat pizza?” children discover what fiddler crabs do. They don’t need a skateboard―they can move sideways so shore birds can’t catch them. They may not enjoy pizza, but they gobble up saltmarsh muck.

Using this question-and-answer format engages children immediately, and discovering just what fiddler crabs actually do satisfies their curiosity. This is the best kind of nonfiction―engaging, fun, and filled with the kinds of details that kids love.

Co-authored by award-winning writer Corinne Demas and her science-savvy daughter, Artemis Roehrig, and illustrated by John SandfordDoes A Fiddler Crab Fiddle? will have everyone claw clapping loudly for fiddler crabs!

Does A Fiddler Crab Fiddle? is an outstanding nonfiction picture book for children ages 4-8.

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